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Is there Russian lobby in the European Parliament? If yes, how it works? Does Russia sponsor particular political groups in the Parliament and MEP’s?

I presume that there is a Russian lobby in the EP. However, I did not come across it. Therefore I cannot comment on their activities.

Andrii, thank you very much for bringing these points up, I was just about to do this myself.

The EU already has cooperation agreements with over 25 countries around the world, such as Israel, Lebanon, several Central American and South American states. Those agreements have already proven their worth. The EU only wins with the AA with Ukraine. By the way, all these Agreements are about trade and norms, not about membership.

The trade part of the association agreement came into provisional effect on 1 January but will not come fully into force until all 28 member states ratify it.

What are the consequences if the deal is not ratified?