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Yeah, I guess that's pretty much all I needed to know . . .

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Alright, I'm pretty pumped about the NFL season this year.

In the States, it's very inconsistent on a weekly basis exactly how much football I get to watch, and I think the time difference here is going to be huge.

The 1 o clock eastern games will start at 8 pm, everyone in the house will be sleeping! And though it will be a late night staying up for the afternoon games it is very do-able.

Akiva, I want to document this for all olim so they know the ins & outs, because I still get confused by what I need to sign up for in order to get the best experience. Am I going to sign up via Directv like I would in the States?

Help a guy out...
Colin Stone is here today to talk about the (excellent) 28th season of Survivor- and maybe some other nonsense. Colin is the American half of the fantastic Dom & Colin Podcast- Dom joined us last year.


I want to start by hearing your initial overall thoughts of the season so far- how do these first 5 episodes compare to the past few seasons?

Also, for future questions reference- is stuff mentioned in the TV preview considered canon- can we discuss it here?

Hey guys, thanks for having me.

I’m totally loving Cagayan so far.  Every episode has left me either uncertain or wrong about who was getting the boot, which is the real litmus test for what makes a good episode, at least in my view.  I’ve advocated for a while that the greatest favor production could do for themselves and for the audience would be to make the three-tribe format the new standard, as I think that’s played the biggest role in what’s made the season so entertaining thus far.  It also seems like as things stand now, it will only be getting better, especially if the results stay unspoiled.

As for how Cagayan stacks up to the past few seasons, I think that after the first five boots, it’s got to be in the discussion with Blood vs. Water for best pre-merge since Heroes vs. Villains. Furthermore, with the game dynamics still seemingly very much in flux, I could see it being in the conversation with Philippines for best post-merge within that same time frame; perhaps even historically, though I think the presence of the Tyler Perry Idol alone will inevitably lead to a fair number of detractors when historical considerations are being made.  As for the post-HvV seasons not yet mentioned, Cagayan seems like a lock to be better than all of them combined.

I consider anything released by CBS throughout the week to be totally fair game as long as it doesn’t pertain to things like lazy editing confirming that Colton would quit or that Troyzan would win that week’s immunity, though I don’t think I’ve seen any of this week’s promos yet, so you may have to fill me in on the latest scoop.

Today we’re going to talk with Steelers-fan Stuart about how you can just switch favorite teams if you marry into a Steelers family, if he has any regrets about naming his first child after Mike Wallace, and why he is responsible for Harrisburg, PA being bankrupt.

Stu, The team’s running game is suspect, they’ve lost their best deep threat and the defense is getting old.

Last year they lost to 5 teams that did not have winning records (including losses to Oakland and Cleveland) and needed OT to beat the Chiefs at home. Is there reason to believe it was a fluke and they’ll bounce back or, has this team’s window closed?
I would rank him #5 based on the fact that he is big, mobile, and tough. No question Big Ben is the toughest QB- so when he's not playing he's probably close to paralysis or death.
Last year a 2-1 ratio of TD to turnover- career 63% completion rate- and he's not a qb that just stays in the pocket and afraid to take a risk- you need a good risk taker not like good ol Aaron Brooks who would just chuck it in hopes that Joe Horn would catch the ball

1) Brady
2) Manning
3) Brees
4) Rodgers
5) Big Ben

Alright, I'll get the conversation started with some quick hits from last week's episode (and the season so far):

- With the small number of teammates it's interesting how quickly a gender alliance can take over. This has to be Morgan's best bet. I liked her coming out of the Beauty tribe, so I'm sticking with it. But she's not giving me much confidence hanging out there all alone.

(Could she & Brice have made a stronger pitch to Jeremiah about being an alliance of 3 vs. alliance of 2/4?)

- I can't help but feel we'll be missing out by not getting more Brice time this season. A funny guy who seems very self-aware and aware of what's going on in the tribe.

- Tasha's nuts. I feel like the smaller tribes this season benefits her since it gives her fewer people to clash with. But practicing pitching the water at each other, though right on the mark, was wacky.

- Last week's challenge didn't particularly cater to Brawn, yet they still won it. What can the producers do to level the playing field?
Agree on Brice- don't you think we have already lost 3 of the biggest characters. If Spencer goes home soon, we may be stuck with some very boring finalists.

Tasha is nuts? Do you mean J'Tia?

I agree that Brawn will dominate most challenges, but both seasons with 3 tribes merged after four episodes, so this week might be the last one before a big shake-up. 

Of the 15 remaining players, who do you think has a better than 5% chance of winning the game?