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People love recipes, especially related to green detox smoothies. So those articles tend to do really well not only on the site, but also to bring people to the site from Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Which brings us back to your point of using content to drive people in. We do believe that, but a lot of our 2013 focus has been on search engine marketing. For content, we're using organic SEO terms and other formatting to help drive awareness.
Abe's Market is an online marketplace to discover fantastic natural products. We at ReplyAll have been particularly interested in Abe's Market because of the company's robust content strategy, which you can read about here.

We thought it would be interesting to talk to Ari Bendersky, who is Director of Content at Abe's Market. Ari has a long career working with publishers as well as startups. Ari -- welcome to the blogcast. For those unfamiliar with Abe's Market or The Scoop, can you tell us how Abe's is using content to engage potential customers?
Hmm, my favorite tech stories...Well, I've actually loved the NSA/PRISM story. I hope that doesn't sound too negative. But, I think it's really important that we understand the ramifications of fast growth in tech NOW and not in 50 years when our great-grandchildren think everyone spying on you is okay. I really appreciate the journalists and activists who are asking those kinds of questions.

I actually think 2014 is going to be a really interesting year in tech. I think we're going to see some big growth in a lot of industries. Personally, I'm going to be watching what happens with data, particularly media/data companies like Skift and Mattermark. I'm also interested to see what happens with e-commerce as mobile shopping adoption is increasing.
Monica, thanks so much for joining us. Be sure to check out for your outside the valley tech news in 2014 and you can follow Monica on Twitter at @monicajselby
How long does it take to determine which of the 10 companies has what it takes and what is the key metric you use to determine success?
Very excited to talk to Mario Casabona who Founder of NJ based TechLaunch as well as Casabona Ventures. He previously founded and then later sold his company Electro-Radiation Inc to Honeywell International.

Mario, welcome.

The whole concept of accelerators fascinates me because it is essentially startups backing startups. Even some of the more established accelerators still admit that they're figuring out what works and what doesn't. Two years in, what is something that TechLaunch has discovered that really works?
Arram, thanks so much for joining us this week. Can you please use your last reply to plug some of the great stuff you guys are doing over at
At any point in the year, there are applications open for accelerators, but at the moment, a few thousand people are waiting to hear back from YCombinator.

So, to help them pass the time, I thought it would be fun to talk to YC Alum and founder Arram Sabeti about what he did while waiting to hear back from YC. Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk to Arram about whose success, other than making people's meals tastier, raises some interesting insights about human nature.

Arram, welcome to ReplyAll. I've spoken with some YC alums who told me that, for them, getting into YC was everything and I've spoken to others who had a more casual relationship.

Do you remember what your level of anticipation was once you had sent out your application?