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Another test reply

Emanuel, my wife asked me a very interesting question -- and I know you won't give me the standard bullshit answer.

If Israel's so great (one of us believes that I won't tell you who) then why do so many people leave Israel for opportunities elsewhere?

Interesting, Zach. My wife and I are in the same situation--working at home, and we sit down at the computer far too often when we're supposed to be with the kids and not working. During the years I worked on my new book about fathers, Do Fathers Matter?, I mostly talked to fathers who wanted to spend more time with their kids. Now, I'm not saying that you don't want to spend more time with your kids, but it's a bit unusual, I think, for a dad to decide to spend less time so that he can make that time be better time--less stressful and less distracted by work. Maybe we should start a conversation on this topic--fathers who think it would be better for their children if they spent less time with them.

I wish startup life was easier on my kids, but it isn't. It's been a tough year for both my older children, and I realize that a lot of that has to so with being around their father too much by virtue of me working at home.

No more.

Moving forward, I'm going to be vigilant about not working in front of my children or even with them in the house. Working on a startup is just too damn stressful, and I can't carry that stress around in front of my kids.
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